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Tarot Class with the Beginner Tarot Deck

Tarot Class with the Beginner Tarot Deck

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This is a go at your own pace class! This is for those who are looking to learn tarot or for people who just want a refresh!

This course will help build your skills as a reader so that vou can give accurate, detailed readings to other people or for yourself!

What you will Learn:

✔️All 78 definitions

✔️How to set up for a reading

✔️How to set your space & cleanse your deck

✔️ Basic layout

✔️ How to read intuitively

✔️ My Tips & Resources I Use


What is Included?:

- The Beginner Tarot Deck - Please note these decks are made to order so it may take a few weeks to get the deck in the mail but the class will be available as soon as you purchase! 😊 

- Videos about tarot, defintions, how to set up, how to shuffle & cleanse your decks etc

- Printable pdf files of tarot upright and reversal definitions

- A list of all the resources I use/ recommend 

- Different layouts to do for readings

When you purchase this class, you will have it for life! It does not expire 😊 This is not a one on one class but you can put questions on the videos and I’ll do my best to answer!

When you purchase this tarot class you agree not to sell, redistribute or share any of the course contents or resources for any reason.

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